President:  Walter Jones

Welcome to the West Tennessee Airstream Club (FKA Memphis Tennessee Unit). We are a small group of Airstream owners (new, vintage, and new-to-me) that really enjoy our rallies in and around the Memphis area. Rallies usually include sites in West Tennessee, Northern Mississippi, and Eastern Arkansas. We are a diverse group with members coming from a variety of backgrounds. We have a very active schedule of rallies and during the colder months you can usually find having a luncheon meeting at a restaurant near Memphis. There is always someone ready and willing to host a Christmas party at their home.

An outstanding benefit that comes with being associated with a club like ours is that if you have an Airstream issue, there is usually someone around that has seen it before. And there may be a fix right on the spot. At our rallies you can always expect a road trip, but you can bet efforts will be made to be back by meal time — usually hosted by some of our members. A local restaurant trip is typically included at each rally — not a good place to lose weight!

If you don’t own an Airstream, but are considering buying one, give Cathy Vest, Membership Chairman, a call at 901-550-7928 and you will certainly get encouragement and information. For those that already own an Airstream and would like to join us, give Steve Moore a call at 901-288-0620 or you can join and renew online at https://wbcci.org/

And, for those of you who would just like to ‘chat’, please feel free to give our President, Walter Jones, a call at 901-826-5450.


There are certainly those that may one day get in the mood for a little talk about Beale Street in Memphis or find where to get the finest Bar-B-Que in the world — then you should come join us at one of our rallies (See the rally link above).